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3 Travel Ideas That Are Off The Beaten Path

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There are so many options for travel adventures these days. The usual trips are uber popular: Disney Vacations and Stay-cations, European tours and Cruising. 

Here are 3 travel ideas that you probably haven’t considered or may have been curious about. 


Ahhh…fresh air and starry nights. The outdoors are inviting, and are great for families and couples alike. But who likes the ideas of creepy crawly insects and the like? Enter Glamping. Glamping is short for glamorous camping. You can still enjoy the outdoors while having the amenities of a hotel or your home. Keep in mind, becoming one with nature may not involve Wi-Fi. Don’t panic, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Spending quiet time in nature is a great refresher all around. 

RV Travel

“On the road again Goin’ places that I’ve never been” and what better way to go than in an RV. Why you ask? It’s like a mobile home on wheels. You can have that big screen and a comfortable bed and the ability to travel at the same time. Not in the market to purchase an RV at this time? Renting an RV is an option as well. Secure your ideal RV and get ready to hit the road. 

Outdoor Exploring Activities 

Adventure is your middle name and you’ll leave no rock unturned on your way to the top. Rock climbing is one option for outdoor activities you’ll love. If you’re new to rock-climbing there are indoor facilities where you can get in some practice before venturing outside. Dirt and going fast on wheels-biking is an adrenaline fueled trek that will get your heart pumping and your fresh air fill. If the thought of the great outdoors excite you, add these outside activities to your to-do list for outdoor fun. 

There you have it, where there’s adventure there you are exploring in the fresh air with your favorite bike or on the open road in an RV with the family or even camping in your own glamorous way.