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What Are 5 Of The Best Jewelry Trends for Winter 2020? 

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Fun is one word that comes to mind when I think of everyone’s favorite accessory-jewelry

Jewelry adds pizzazz or class to your choice outfit and one particular gemstone will always be, ‘a girl’s best friend. 

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Let’s explore the daring jewelry trends for Winter 2020. 


Pearls are timeless and this new decade is no exception. 

A great mix of the old with the new is baroque-inspired designs that give your treasured ensemble that new-age/old-world feel. 


This next trend gives “Project Runway” unconventional challenge. Earrings and necklaces made from unusual objects like paper clips and beads will add that edgy look that will set you apart from the rest. 

Mixed Metals 

A very versatile idea that can give you the best of your metal favorite. In the mood for gold but silver will make your shoes pop. Find a mixed metal piece that will satisfy your need for both. 

Single Earring

Two is better than one, except in the case of this throwback trend. Rocking a single earring is definitely a fashionable look that will turn heads. Single statement earring make a proclamation of your fashion sense loud and clear. This is a look that tops the list for one of the best jewelry options for winter 2020. 

Trends are an important staple for any fashionista. These pieces will keep your wardrobe lively. Subscribe to this blog and comment below gems from this piece that speak to you and your personal jewels and the outfits you pair them with.