5 Benefits of Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing

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Would you like to give your body the feel of a swanky spa but at home? Keep reading.

Dry brushing is just as it sounds. Using a long wooden-handled brush to brush your dry body(not including your face). Dry brushing is pretty popular in spas around the country. Its benefits -5 of them will be outlined in this post. Let’s get to it.

Benefit #1

Improved Circulation

Dry Brushing Improves Circulation

Every system in your body is very important. The lymphatic system is not as talked about or as well known. This system includes a group of tissues and organs throughout your body that gets rid of toxins(more on toxins later). When you rid your body of toxins your circulatory system function is improved and your blood and cells can move happily and easily through your system. Whew! That’s a lot of medical detail. Put simply, dry brushing wakes up the circulation in your body so that your cells and can do a happy dance.

Benefit #2

Get Rid of Toxins

How to Get Rid of Toxins

Toxins….eeww!! Toxins are professional cloggers. Dry brushing starts the process of eliminating harmful toxins from your system. It works in concert with other organs of the body(like the kidneys) to complete the elimination of those annoying toxins. Dry brushing is a wonderful way to give toxins the boot from your body.

Benefit #3

Bye, Bye Dead Skin

Bye Bye To Dead Skin

Dry brushing is a natural way to exfoliate your skin. A way to massage your skin without water or oil. Exfoliating clears your skin of dead cells and gives way to new cells. 3-5 minutes of circular motion of your favorite mildly course body brush can bring your skin alive, which leads to the next benefit.

Benefit #4

Say Hello To A Youthful Glow

Say Hello To A Youthful Glow

The fountain of youth may be a mystery, but who wouldn’t want sprinkles from that fountain? With toxins gone and dead skin cells removed, your glow-up is real. Glowing healthy skin is a by-product of freeing your body of all those bad things that clog it and leaves it drab looking. Dry brushing should be a tool in your beauty arsenal for one of the most envied features-youthful glowing skin.

Benefit #5

Natural Energy Boost

Natural Energy Boost

When you look better, you feel better. A new hairstyle? A new banging outfit? Who doesn’t like to feel good? After all the previously mentioned benefits of dry brushing-a boost of energy is inevitable. After all, now that you’re not bogged and clogged, your skin is supple and glowing , your skin is renewed and your body is happy from the inside out, you’re ready to take on the world with a natural energy boost.

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The 5 Beauty ‘Accessories’ That Will Make Your Look Pop

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False Eyelashes

There’s nothing wrong with adding a little ‘false’ addition to your look, especially when it’ll bring out the real you. ‘Falsies’ will give your eyes(depending on the type of eyelash) either a suttle enhancement or a dramatic effect. My favorite are wispies for a regular day or an evening out. 


If you like to play with color, eyeliner will be your favorite. They are as numerous as the colors of the rainbow. Certain colors are better for the color of your eyes than others. Example green, blue and purple are ideal if you have brown eyes. But feel free to experiment with any color.

Lip Gloss

Photo by iCapture Studios from Pexels

Do you need a way to express your lippy mood, but not feeling lipstick? 

Lip gloss is the answer. The right lip gloss will give you the coverage of a long-lasting lipstick and a great range of color choices. No one wants cracking lips that give you the feeling that your lips have been rubbed with tumbleweeds. The moisture level in some lip gloss brands will cause your lips to shine like a headlight on bright in the middle of the night.  

 Tinted Moisturizer 

You’re running late and you need a quick solution to give you some type of coverage so that your dark undereye circles and uneven skin don’t scare your neighbors or co-workers. 

What to do? Tinted moisturizer is a quick fix and here’s why. You’ll have protection from the sun and a healthy glow without an overly done makeup look. There are options for lightweight or full coverage and certain brands formulation help with skin discoloration and other pesky skin issues. Not feeling the full beat for that special occasion? Remember, tinted moisturizer. 


   Photo by Dids from Pexels

Like a cherry on sundae a great fragrance can top off a look unlike any other accessory. Fragrances are described by the ‘notes’ or the combinations of its smells. What is the vibe for the day? What’s giving you the inspiration for celebration? There’s a fragrance to complement it. There are so many choices out there, but a few of my favorites are Beautiful by Estee Lauder, Gucci Bamboo and Juicy Couture. I love to smell good.  Catch samples in-store to help you make up your mind if the fragrance is new to you-before you decide to purchase online.

 You want to make sure it matches your body chemistry and your collection. 

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