10 Budget-Friendly Vegetarian Recipes That You Can Make for Less Than $10

You Don’t Have To Break The Bank To Have A Filling Meal

Looking to change your diet in the New Year but you’re also on a budget? Here are 10 nourishing low-cost meals to get you started.

1.Tomato Lentil Soup


If you like traditional vegetable soup, this dish very similar with a tomato-y twist. This is a great beginning of the week recipe, because you’ll have plenty of leftovers. You can also add a cheese sandwich as a side dish.

Estimated recipe cost: $4.74

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2. Black Bean Burgers


This mouth-watering patty will save you money compared to store brands. The flavorful taste will make it a go-to on your favorite occasions. When prepared they are freezer-ready and will be a hit with the kiddos.

Estimated recipe cost: $2.57

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3. White Beans with Mushrooms and Marinara


This tasty fiber-rich entree’ is ideal comfort food to either start the week or end it. With a great potential for very customization. Enjoy.

Estimated cost: $6.54

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4. Chili Cornbread Skillet


Go ahead and have 2 or 3 helpings of this cornbread chili . Can’t forget one of the best ingredients, cheese. You’re getting a meal combo minus the extra dishes. Dig in and fill up.

Estimated cost: $7.49

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5. Creamy White Bean & Spinach Quesadillas


The quickest mid-week meal, should take about 20 minutes, grab some salsa for dipping and you’re good to go.

Estimated cost: $3.99

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6. 15-minute Salad Bar Vegetable Lo Mein


Want an easy stir-fry dinner that’s a no-brainer? This is the one. Its satisfying that it is an easy enough for beginner cooks and convenient for those with busy schedules..

Estimated cost: $6.33

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7. Make Ahead Bean & Cheese Burritos


Another grocery store staple that ‘s simple to make at home. Easy enough that you can make some for dinner and freeze the rest for later. Get your fix of burritos any night of the week.

Estimated cost: $6.93

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8. Loaded Mashed Potato Bowls


Do you recall when KFC had the idea for this meal? Now you can duplicate it at home. This is so loaded and easy to make it your own with your favorite ingredients.

Estimated cost: $6.73

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9. Pesto Stuffed Shells


What comes to mind when you think of stuffed shells? I think of mini lasagnas. Stuffed shells all neatly packed in your favorite Pyrex. Sounds perfect.

Estimated cost: $7.81

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10. Spicy Baked Black Bean Nacho


The perfect prelude to Taco Tuesday. These yummy nachos are a great excuse for the fun combination of jalapeno peppers and one of my favorites, sour cream.

Estimated cost: $6.36

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