5 Steps to Detox Your Mind

Do you find yourself having racing thoughts?
Are you a perfectionist with procrastination tendencies?
Do you worry about everything and nothing?
This post is for you.

The 21st century is a busy time both in and outside of our homes. Just imagine for a moment how our brains must feel on a daily basis with all the images and information thrown its way. Detox is not always about nutritional diet. Sometimes our minds need a detox as well. How can you detox your mind? Read below for tips and don’t forget to subscribe to the e-mail list so you don’t miss life-changing tips like these.

1. Give Your Phone A Rest

Being constantly connected definitely affects your brain and your attention span. The popular apps on your phone all have notification reminders and if you’re like me, for your favorite people and pages they are turned on. Your phone lights up like a Christmas tree or the ding is constant and there you go into the black hole that is distraction central. Turn off your phone.Give it an hour to start and then proceed to 2 hours. Test how long you are able to stand not constantly checking your phone. It may even become a habit, which is not a bad thing. Try it. Your eyes and your brain will thank you.

2. Turn Your Negative Mental Chatter OFF

You know that nagging, a negative mental voice that’s always telling you, what you can’t do? Turn its noise lever to silent. How? Counter the negative with positive. When the voice says, “You can’t do that.” Counter with, “I can do anything I set my mind to.” It works. The only thing that can stop a negative voice is a positive one.

3. Be Present

Some find it difficult to be in the moment. A lot of times it seems easier to pull from the past instead of just being in the present moment. Time is a funny thing. When the present becomes the past we constantly call it up, not realizing that that present moment is now a memory. Take some time and bask in your present. Good, bad, ugly or indifferent, take in where you are, how you feel, who is there with you. The sights, and sounds, the smells, because in the next millisecond, it’s gone.

4. Journal Your Feelings

I know it may seem adolescent, but it’s actually a very helpful way to detox. You may not always have the opportunity to verbally express your feelings. Writing them down gets them out of your head. In some instances the paper may even become the trash can. You may have been carrying around unexpressed trashy feelings in your head that have clogged your brain for too long. Journaling is your private chance to take out the garbage.

5. Go Outside

Nature. The birds chirping, the trees rustling, the wind whistling. Nature is earth’s best mental detox. Walking, cycling, or just sitting in nature is like an auto-reset for your mind. Taking in all nature has to offer will give you a different perspective and literally a ‘breath of fresh air’.
In the 21st century being constantly connected is the norm. Sometimes going outside the norm is the best thing you can do for your body and your mind.

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