Respect What I Want…Sex and the Single Girl

In the 21st century sex and the single girl can be layered and complicated. A woman that dates in this day and time can find many scenarios. It’s important that whatever choice is made-maintaining respect for yourself is paramount. The past decade has seen a transition from the microwave age to the ‘blink of an eye’ phase. Most people want things as quickly as your eye can blink. That would include for some a relationship or as it’s termed today ‘situationship’. A situationship is the space where two people meet and have light conversation. They gauge the chemistry between them and make the decision mutually to engage in a physical interaction, namely a sexual one. The two individuals are not in a relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend but their sexual interaction has created a situation-thus a situationship. Now the previous description would sound like a one night stand or a ‘friend with benefits’ arrangement but the situationship in my opinion, is actually ‘fwb’ on steroids with a large grey area. 
So how can you maintain your respect in such a lighting-fast era of sexual choice?  First it is important to note that with whatever medium you use to meet the other party; online dating, club or at the gas station- this person is a stranger. Albeit they may be friendly-but they are still a stranger. It is very necessary to create boundaries and move at your own pace when dealing with ‘strangers’. Some people present well and you don’t know what/who you are getting at first sight. Second observe the behavior and disposition of the other person. Also don’t allow anyone to pressure you into a situation where you are not comfortable-that is a red flag. Even if your choice is to abstain from sex entirely that is still your choice and it is not another person’s right to dis-respect what you find as the best path for your life. So if you find yourself in any of the above scenarios or no scenario at all remember that respect is always your right.

What is your take on being single in the 21st century?

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