Victory…Even Now


I thought the abuse defined-me

I thought the things that were done to me would dictate my future.

I felt low and could not figure out a way of escape.

How could I escape the repetitive thoughts that played the, “you were abused-you will be nothing” recorder.

I had to intercept that with the words that Jesus spoke to me-His child,

“I know the plans that I have for you…plans to prosper you..not  to harm you and to give you an expected end.”

These were not just words-they were life. The very breath that allowed me rescue from my excruciating pain.

Pain-that was the constant emotion that gnawed at my heart-with bitterness as its backup trying to blow Arctic cold to my innermost parts.

I would fight and press and pray and cry and scream and question to myself and God-waiting and anticipating not only an answer-but my plan-the plan for my life.

I am not what happened to me.

It was not my fault.

I am stronger than any trial I have faced.

I will overcome the thing that has tried to kill me.

I believe the promises of God.

I know that I am healed and my life is not over.

I receive the healing that God has already given.

I can accomplish any goal I set my mind to.

I am more than a conqueror through Him that loved me.

I am Priceless Pretty.

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